Mistletoe, Whisky and A Rogue by Jane Charles

Book cover for Mistletoe, Whisky and a Rogue (Scot to the Heart #4 ~ Grant and Copeland-Tilson Novella) by Jane Charles

Mistletoe, Whisky and a Rogue by Jane Charles

Tracy’s rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Series: Scot to the Heart, #4 (also ties into the MacGregor-Grant series)

Release Date July 1, 2020

Fanella Grant was hoping for adventure when she arrived at Chatwell Castle for the wedding of Lady Claresta Copeland and Donovan MacGregor – but what she finds is far more exciting and could lead to the adventure of a lifetime.

Ethan Copeland is the Duke of Ellings nephew and has traveled with some of his siblings to England. His eldest brother is in line for the dukedom as their father is his heir. Darius has come to learn about the estate and several of his siblings joined him. Ethan has enjoyed his time in England, but misses his home in New Orleans, he plans to return after the wedding, but when he meets Fanella, he is suddenly not so eager to return.

When Fanella sneaks off to explore, Ethan follows and when they hide from the servants to avoid being caught alone, they end up locked in the wine cellar for hours and they spend the time talking and drinking. Finally, Ethan recalls his pet parrots Rogue and Lady are in the kitchens and sings a song sure to bring Rogue to Ethan’s side. Ethan’s plan works and he sends Rogue to fetch his sister. Everyone is sworn to secrecy and they think they are in the clear – that is until Rogue blabs!

They manage to convince everyone that nothing happened and it was completely innocent, but the problem is, they can’t seem to stay away from each other or stop kissing, but they aren’t sure what they are feeling is love and want time to find out – but thanks to Rogue’s loose beak – they might not have a choice!

I thought this was a cute novella and I enjoyed the story, but it did drag a bit, had some title errors and I really wish the author would have included Rogue and Lady in the epilogue, they played such a big part in the story and had a bit of a storyline themselves that was dropped. Overall, it was a fun, sweet read with kissing only love scenes, likeable characters, amusing moments and HEA complete with an epilogue.

I am voluntarily leaving a review for an eARC that was provided to me.

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