Murder In Revelation by Anne Cleeland

Murder in Revelation (The Doyle & Acton Mystery Series Book 12)Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: The Doyle & Acton Mystery Series #12
Publication Date: 9/1/20
Number of Pages: 268

I always look forward to the next Doyle & Acton mystery because they are always exciting, interesting, and you just never know what Acton has been up to. Then, it is always fun to watch Doyle figure out his latest plot and foil it. If you’ve ever thought of opposites attracting, this is the poster child for it – they are as different as night and day. Doyle is straight-laced, introverted, religious – and just a tad fey. Acton is handsome, smart, diabolical, plays by his own set of rules, he doesn’t mind bending the laws if it suits him to do so, and he is absolutely obsessed with Doyle.

Doyle is expecting their second child and Acton has become hyper-vigilant in assuring she is taking care of herself. Yet, she still manages to stumble into an investigation with strange vibes. A volunteer doctor at a charity clinic is attacked – and she has a strange tale to tale to tell. She keeps telling Doyle “the evil ones are eating the souls of the children.” Oh! My! Is the woman a nut or is something more sinister afoot?

We don’t have new villains in this book, so you’ll have to figure out which of the previous villains are committing the crime(s) – and who might be victims. With multiple unrelated victims, you’ll have a good time figuring out if any are related and whodunit. You’ll remember Martina Betancourt and her wayward husband Antonio, as well as Mr. Javid from previous books. What a motley crew of villains to untangle along with all of Acton’s behind-the-scenes machinations.

I’m not sure what it is about this series that intrigues me – I certainly shouldn’t like the characters, but I do. If I read Acton in any other book, I’d cringe – but – there is something endearing about him in this series and I just love him. With Doyle, I’d just disbelieve that anyone with her upbringing and beliefs could have any respect for or love for someone like Acton – but again – with this series – I can see her loving him. I’d say it is a testament to the excellent writing.

I thoroughly enjoyed this excellent read and I hope you will as well. If you enjoy unusual characters and pairings, this series will be right down your alley. I love it.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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