Kinsey’s Defiance by Madeline Martin

Kinsey's Defiance (Borderland Rebels, #2)Barbara’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: Borderland Rebels #2
Publication Date: 9/15/20
Number of Pages: 248

OMGoodness – what an exciting, fast-paced, romantic read! We first learned of the Fletcher family in this author’s wonderful series, Borderland Ladies, where the brother, Drake is the Captain of the Guard at the English Werrick Castle. The first book in this series, Faye’s Sacrifice, introduced us to all of the sisters and we could already tell that Kinsey was going to be a hand full. Well, we have certainly found out that she definitely is!

Of all of the Fletcher children, Kinsey holds the strongest grudge against the English for her family’s treatment after the death of their father – who was English. She wants nothing more than to exact revenge against all of them – and when the opportunity presents itself, well – it is an opportunity she just cannot refuse. Little does she know the many ways that one quick decision will change her life.

Kinsey is fiery (not only in her red hair), strong, defiant, feisty, devastatingly beautiful, and totally disinterested in anything other than revenge. When a soldier who is off to fight the English offers her the opportunity to be his army’s archer, she jumps at it. They leave at dawn the following morning to attack Mabrick Castle and return its ownership back to the soldier’s family. Kinsey doesn’t understand the odd feelings this soldier invokes in her, but she knows she needs to steer clear of him.

William MacLeod, the only son of the MacLeod Laird, has to prove himself to his father in order to retain his right to inherit the Lairdship of the clan. William decides that he and his army will re-take Mabrick Castle from the English who took it from them. As he is traveling through the small village of Castleton, Scotland, he sees a vibrant, beautiful, fiery-haired woman who can wield a bow better than any man he’s ever seen. He approaches her and offers her a spot as an archer in his army. I mean goodness she’s beautiful AND skilled, so maybe he can have a great addition to his army and someone to warm his bed as well. After all, he is charming and handsome with a lovely smile. All of the wenches love him, why wouldn’t this one?

With Kinsey bound and determined to resist the flirtatious, and handsome William, it doesn’t take long for the tensions to mount between them. I love how Kinsey stood up for herself and how William respected her desires – until they found out that love had grown between them. When decisions have to be made, will love be the deciding factor? You’ll just have to read this exciting and romantic book to find out.

There is a nice excerpt for the next book, Clara’s Vow, and it looks to be just as exciting as this book. Can’t wait for it either.

Another great read from this consistently great author.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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