The Highland Laird by Amy Jarecki

The Highland Laird (Lords of the Highlands #8)Barbara’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: Lords of the Highlands #8
Publication Date: 10/20/20
Number of Pages: 352

OMGoodness! The combination of Emma Grant and Laird Ciar (Key-ar) Grant is phenomenal. I don’t think we could ask for a better hero and heroine. Picture this huge, gruff, powerful, craggy Highland Laird without a gentle bone in his body – except for one small, delicate, sheltered, blind woman. Ciar has known and been best friends with Emma’s brother, Robert (The Highland Renegade), all his life – and he’s known Emma almost that long as well. Everyone, especially the males, treats Emma as if she isn’t even there – everyone except Ciar that is. He always takes time to speak to her, to assure that she is listened to, and he doesn’t treat her as if she is less just because she is blind. He protects her – without taking away her independence. Is it any wonder she’s always adored him?

Emma and her family, as well as Ciar and many other Highland Lairds, are at Achnacarry Castle for the wedding of Sir Kennan Cameron and Divana Campbell (The Highland Rogue). Emma hates leaving her home at Moriston Hall because of her trouble negotiating unfamiliar terrain and layouts. At home, she can roam freely because she knows every rock, pebble, chair, and rug and can easily negotiate her way among them. Away from home, she feels inadequate and dependent and she hates that feeling.

Tensions are running high in Scotland – and in the Highlands in particular. Queen Anne has taken to her bed and isn’t expected to rise again. Without an heir, the monarchy would be in crisis. The English want the Hanoverian George, who has never even stepped foot on English soil, to become King. The Jacobite Scots want James who is of Stuart blood. The powerful Lairds stand ready to raise their armies in support of James – but will James even come?

When Anne passes and George is tapped for the succession, all of the Lairds who are gathered for the wedding head out in different directions to spread the word and to gather support for James. As Ciar is speeding on his way, he encounters murder and robbery. He can’t just pass it by. The only honorable thing to do is to stop and help. Yet, it is he who awakens, manacled, in the prison at Fort William. Governor Henry Wilcox takes great delight in having a powerful Highland Laird as a ‘guest’ in his prison. He’d hang Ciar immediately if it wouldn’t cause riots and even more unrest. He’ll still hang him – just not as quickly.

We soon learn just how smart, brave, and resourceful Emma is. She is a remarkable young woman who doesn’t let her physical limitations stop her. Breaking Ciar out of an English prison, under the noses of the English soldiers, is either the most foolhardy or the bravest thing Ciar has ever seen. Now, they are both wanted and on the run. They have to avoid the soldiers and yet manage to prove Ciar’s innocence. Oh! What an exciting adventure they have before they make it to their HEA.

I absolutely loved this book! I loved how Ciar treated Emma as a fully functioning adult rather than someone who is ‘less’. I loved that Emma didn’t let anything stop her. Add an absolutely lovely epilogue to the mix and you have a great 5-star read.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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