The Highlander’s Unexpected Proposal by Heather McCollum

The Highlander's Unexpected Proposal (The Brothers of Wolf Isle, #1)Barbara’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: The Brothers of Wolf Isle #1
Publication Date: 10/19/20
Number of Pages: 199

What do you get when you mix pirates, betrayal, deep secrets, and a curse together with family loyalty and love? The answer, of course, is an outstanding story. I loved getting to meet Adam Macquarie and Lark Montgomerie along with all of the brothers who will have their stories in the upcoming books – Beckett (Beck), Eagan, Callum, and his twin, Drostan.

The Macquarie’s, who live on Ulva (Wolf) Island, were cursed over a hundred years ago. Wilyam Macquarie had courted – and impregnated – a young woman from the island, and then he married another in order to form a better political alliance. The young woman then hanged herself, and her distraught mother put a curse on the Macquarie’s. Their island is now uninhabited and there are only five Macquarie’s left in the world. To break the curse, the Macquaries must learn what love is – and they must stop producing bastards. The five remaining Macquaries are determined to save their clan, break the curse, and reclaim their island. That determination has brought Adam (the clan chief) and his brother Beck to the Beltane festival to find wives for themselves.

Yes, Adam wants to save his clan and break the curse, but his real reason behind wanting to do that is because he wants a home. A real home. He and his brothers have had a house while living with the Maclean clan on the Isle of Mull, but it isn’t a real home. Not a place filled with love and belonging. He wants that for himself and his brothers – and in order to get it, they have to break the curse.

Lark Montgomerie has been told that she MUST choose a husband at this festival. Her family will not be taking her back home with them. She can choose – sort of – but she has no dowry and Roylin Montgomerie will sell her to the highest bidder if she doesn’t choose. When two vile creatures are the only two in contention for her hand, she begs a handsome Highlander she’s only just met to wed her. Amazingly, he agrees and they are wed on the spot.

Both Lark and Adam are keeping secrets – secrets that can break them apart. Not a very auspicious beginning for a lifelong relationship. During their perilous journey back to Wolf Island, Adam learns just how resourceful, brave, and skilled Lark really is – and admiration begins to grow. What will happen when they get to Wolf Island and all of Adam’s secrets are revealed? Will she just leave him? Then, what will happen when Lark’s deepest, darkest secrets are revealed?

There are those who do not wish to see the Macquarie clan reclaim their island nor break the curse. Dark forces gather about them and only the strong bond between Adam and Lark, his brothers, and the Maclean’s can save the day. Between kidnappings, curses, pirates, and betrayals, their road to their HEA won’t be an easy one.

I absolutely loved both Adam and Lark. They are such good people – dedicated, strong, caring – and they definitely deserve their HEA. I was left wondering about Lark’s sisters though. It seems they were left in what could be a very unhappy situation, so I wonder if we’ll just never hear from them again, if they will eventually find their way to Wolf Island, or if maybe they’ll also get their own stories. I can hardly wait for future books to find out. Up next is Beck’s story and it sounds like a great one as well.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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