Lyon’s Prey by Anna St. Claire

Lyon's Prey (Rakes of Mayhem, #0.5; The Lyon's Den)Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: Rakes of Mayhem #0.5/The Lyons Den Connected World
Publication Date: 10/14/20
Number of Pages: 97

This was a lovely, but quick, read that was well-written and well-delivered. I enjoyed it so much that I really wished it had been a bit longer – there were many things I wanted to know and I felt it was rushed.

Evan Prescott, Earl of Clarendon, and his wife were a love match, and when he lost her in childbirth, he went off the deep end. He immediately turned his newborn son over to his sister and her husband and set off on a year-long drunk. After a long night of drinking and gambling, a trio of events and their consequences changed his life – again. First, his sister and her husband arrived and informed him that he was expected to take over the responsibilities of his son, Edward, by the end of the week. Second, he had a whirlwind of a termagant, Lady Charlotte Grisham, berating him because his coach almost ran down her little brother. Third, and perhaps scariest, he received an order to appear before “The Widow” at the Lyons Den. Oh! My!

Lady Charlotte Grisham has had a horrid year as well. She lost her father, the Earl of Romney, her older brother Matthew is missing and her nefarious uncle, Baron Langdale, has had him declared dead – thus declaring her young brother, Jason, as the Earl with Langdale as his guardian. When a speeding coach nearly runs Jason down, it is just a step too far and Charlotte marches to Lord Clarendon’s home to confront him about his behavior.

When Charlotte’s mother discovers a nefarious plan by her brother, Langdale, she approaches an unlikely friend known as “The Widow” for help. And help is what she gets. Both Charlotte and Evan have received a summons from ‘The Widow’ and neither of them expects, or are prepared for, the ultimatum that is given.

With kidnappings and slavers afoot, Charlotte and Jason are both in danger. Can Evan save them – even with the help of his good friend Christopher Angelsey, Earl of Banbury, and ‘The Widow’ helping him? Can they find their own HEA?

I thoroughly enjoyed this read and wanted to know more about the characters. Since this is apparently the prequel to a series, maybe we’ll learn more about Charlotte and Evan in future books. I’m happy to have tried this author and will definitely be looking for more books in the series.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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