Desiring Lady Caro by Ella Quinn

Desiring Lady Caro (The Marriage Game, #4)Barbara’s rating: 5 of 5 Stars
Series: The Marriage Game #4
Publication Date: First Published 1/1/14 – new release 8/23/22
Period: Regency Europe
Number of Pages: 301

This was a scrumptiously feel-good book. Yes, there was a villain, and yes, there were exciting coach chases over the alps, but, all-in-all it just felt good. It seems every male and female who met fell in love. While there were several mentioned romances, the two featured ones were: the main one between Gervais (Earl of Huntley) and Lady Caroline (Caro) Martindale; and the secondary one between Lady Horatia and John Whitton, the Earl of Devon.

Lady Caroline left England five years ago to live with her aunt, Lady Horatia, in Italy. She’s spent that time trying to heal after the horrendous events that caused her to leave England. She enjoys her life with her aunt and she adores Italy. Unfortunately, she has become the focus of Duca di Venier, and his attentions are most unwelcome. His family is ultra-powerful in the area and she’s heard some very dark stories about him. Leaving Venice is the only answer – even if it does have to be with her Godmother’s nephew.

All of Gervais’s friends have been bitten by the love bug and married and he’s been pursued by every marriageable lady in England. The only way to escape is to take his Grand Tour and visit his Aunt Horatia for a while. The houseguest he finds there is beautiful, intriguing, and totally uninterested in him. How can that be – all the ladies love him?

I just loved Gervais – he had the most wonderfully generous heart and a protective streak a mile wide. Almost as soon as he saw Lady Caro he was smitten and would do whatever he had to do to protect her. Of course, he couldn’t tell her he intended to marry her – he’ll have to quietly woo her and convince her. However, he has to save her first. Can they escape the Duca before he swoops in to kidnap Caro? Can Gervais convince Caro to stay with him and have a happy marriage?

While Gervais and Caro are careening through the alps, Horatia is trying to lead the Duca on a false trail – where she meets the most enigmatic man. He’s so very handsome, and so very determined to marry her. He intrigues her. He vexes her. He entices her. Oh! My!

I can definitely recommend this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the characters were absolutely wonderful.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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