Natalia’s Secret Spinster’s Society by Charlotte Stone

Natalia's Secret Spinster's Society (The Spinster's Society) (A Regency Romance Book)Natalia’s Secret Spinster’s Society (The Spinster’s Society) by Charlotte Stone

Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: The Spinster’s Society
Publication Date: 4/25/18

Secrets! Long held and closely guarded secrets are revealed in what is one of the best books of the series so far. It is well written and well plotted and focuses more on the two main characters than it does on the society interfering with whatever is happening. Yes, the society is there, but more in the background than they have been in other books. There was also a nice catch-up with the ladies and their families. We’ve always known there was more to Sudworth than meets the eye – and we finally find out what that ‘more’ is! There is also a bit of a set-up for what will probably be the next romance in the series – at least I hope it is.

As we’ve read through the series, we came to know that the Men of Nashwood were bound by blood as well as a deep friendship. We knew that the secret centered around Julius Hext, but that was all we knew. In this book, we learn the horrific events that happened when the Men of Nashwood were still just boys. With that kind of heartache, it is hard to see how they could grow into the wonderful men they have turned out to be.

Julius Hext is receiving blackmail notes and has been for the last year. Someone knows their secret and intends to make them pay. The men have been investigating and are getting closer and closer to finding the culprit. They have found that one member of the ton has been spreading rumors, but where is he getting his information? William Tift and Franklin Lockwood have followed him to Oxford where a woman of obvious wealth passes him a note. Can she be the source? Then, they see yet another woman arguing with her. As the two women split, Frank goes after one and William goes after the other. William confronts the one he is chasing, but she gets away – but not before he gets a good look at her.

Mrs. Leah Wells is a resident and teacher at the home the Spinster’s society run for battered and abused women. However, Leah doesn’t show any of the symptoms of having been an abused woman and Maura has begun to wonder about her and asks the other ladies to look into it. William and Franklin are assigned to keep an eye on the home and as they are arriving, they see a woman running down the street with a fire poker in her hand – she’s chasing a big, burly man who is dragging another woman with him. The first woman attacks the man with the poker and manages to free the woman. Then, William manages to rescue both of them from the man. Later, as William gets a good look at her, he realizes she is the woman he’d seen in Oxford. How can she be back here and in residence at the home? Is she a danger to the ladies of the Society or the residents? What does she have to do with the blackmail? Is she the blackmailer?

Sir William Tift hasn’t always been rich. His family went through some very hard times, but nobody outside the Men of Nashwood knows that. He always loved the time he spent at the homes of the Men of Nashwood – he especially treasured the time he spent at the home of Julius Hext because he loved spending time with Julius’ young cousin – Natalia Hext. She frustrated him, tormented him, and aggravated him, but he always loved being around her. Then, she disappeared and he hasn’t seen her for twenty years. Why are memories of her suddenly in his thoughts?

As the investigation continues and secrets are revealed, can a family rift be healed? What role does Zedock Sudworth play? What is his relationship to Mrs. Wells? Is Mrs. Wells William’s childhood friend? Wow! So many questions. You’ll just have to read this great addition to the Spinster’s Society series to find all of those answers and many more.

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Calvin Lockwood, Very rich landed gentry Alice Wilkins 2 – Alice’s Shameless Spinster’s Society 
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Sir William Tift Natalia Hext (Julius Hext’s cousin) 8 – This book
Julius Hext, Marquess of Darvess    
Franklin Lockwood, Very Rich Landed Gentry  

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