Tied Up In A Bow by Sheila Connolly

Tied Up In A Bow(A County Cork Novella #1)Tied Up In A Bow by Sheila Connolly

Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: A County Cork Novella #1
Publication Date: 11/29/18

The ‘Thing’ and Christmas are both arriving in Leap, County Cork, Ireland and they are bringing a mystery and some suspense with them. This lovely, well-written, well-plotted novella goes along with the County Cork Mysteries series. It nicely whets our appetite for the next full-length novel, The Lost Traveller, that releases in January.

Maura Donovan, the owner of Sullivan’s, a pub in the small Irish village of Leap, is mystified by the construction going on across the street. When they discover that what is being constructed, Maura calls it the ‘thing’, is a secret and will be revealed in a ceremony the following Sunday, the crew at Sullivan’s decide to have a drawing to see if anyone can guess what it is. They’ll charge one euro per entry and then they’ll donate the proceeds to a worthy cause.

In the midst of all the guessing about what the ‘thing’ will be and collecting those guesses, Maura notices a small boy sitting on the bench outside her pub. She goes out and sits beside him and learns that he and his mother are new to Leap and that his name is Danny. Since it is much too cold for Danny to be sitting outside, Maura brings him a cup of hot chocolate. She can’t bring a small boy inside the pub, so she sits and visits for a while. When she returns inside, she is convinced that there is a big mystery about Danny and his mom. There is trouble there somewhere.

As Maura learns more about Danny and his mother, that trouble arrives in Leap and it’s looking for Danny and Hannah. All of the folks in Leap band together to help them. We have lovely visits with our favorite Garda, Sean Murphy, our young and lovely aspiring chef Rose, Maura’s love interest Mick, and the ever-present Seamus who is thinking he’s just having too much fun with this mystery.

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3 thoughts on “Tied Up In A Bow by Sheila Connolly

    1. I hope you enjoy it. I will tell you that this series gains a lot by being read from beginning to end. A lot of backstory and character development happens in the earlier books.


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